The Team

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Stephen Templer

Collect your beautiful boarding pass, pick up your passport to the love country and set sail on a camembert ocean in your dream boat. Welcome to the waking dream, your romantic flight of fancy as you cross the border into the world of Stephen Templer. Let us fluff your pillow and make space on the … Continue reading Stephen Templer

Kelly Spencer

Back in 2008 I was on a boat in Nicaragua, and I shared the ocean breeze with a lady who was funding her travels with her design skills. That, to me – lover of travel and creativity – seemed genius. Since then, I have been operating as a freelance designer-illustrator-adventurer who is mostly based in … Continue reading Kelly Spencer

Sean Duffell

I believe originality in one’s work is paramount as an artist and art in public spaces should ultimately aim to empower the surrounding community. My hope is that my work will add a sense of vibrancy and contribute culturally to the areas that I am painting in, and that the members of these communities will … Continue reading Sean Duffell

Rieko Woodford-Robinson

The very old and much loved soft toys depicted in Rieko’s portraits seem to be a little reluctant to reveal their stories, where as her anthropomorphic animals are placed in sceneries that seem to be taken from almost forgotten childhood tales.Her paintings give people a tiny window into the lives of the characters. Her work … Continue reading Rieko Woodford-Robinson

Rebeka Whale

Rebeka is an experience designer, creating delightful worlds for offices, street games, dance events, site-specific theatre shows, parties, retreats, film shoots, conferences and functions. An honors graduate of the first cohort of Performance Designers from Toi Whakaari – NZ Drama School and Massey University, Rebeka has created sets, puppets, props and costumes, as well as … Continue reading Rebeka Whale

Jon Coddington

Jon Coddington emerged like a bronze butterfly onto the Wellington theatre and art scene after defeating the Bachelor of Performance Design, hailing from Toi Whakaari: NZ Drama School, and Massey University. Since then he has gone on many adventures, in the realms of theatre, film, animation, puppetry, and illustration. Recently, his puppetry work has gone … Continue reading Jon Coddington

Yasmine El Orfi

Yasmine’s illustration spans the spectrum from commercial graphic design/illustration work to character design and fine art. As well as design and digital illustration, she likes painting, creating 3D objects and paper folding. In her personal/fine art work she is interested in the space between design and art, particularly toys, anthropomorphism, and infographics as fine art. … Continue reading Yasmine El Orfi

Claire Rye

Claire Rye is a mural artist originally from the UK working under the name Paint My Panda. She paints walls, teaches community art workshops, loves punk rock and volunteers for environmental conservation groups. She has a fine art (Graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University) and graffiti art background. She founded Girls On Top graffiti crew but … Continue reading Claire Rye