Stephen Templer

Visit Wellington and follow the pungent smell of coffee and you will find Steve’s studio. Enter his Victoria st grotto and you will be in a world full of curious objects and Mexican Day of the Dead relics. Indulge your imagination and set sail on a fantastic adventure!

Stephen is a Whanganui Design School graduate and worked as a designer in Wellington and in London. During these years, Stephen was also working as an Illustrator and having exhibitions of his own work.

In the year 2000 after returning from the UK, Stephen decided to concentrate on Illustration and his own artwork. So taking his life in his hands Steve embarked on the perilous journey to becoming a full time Artist and Illustrator. Harnessing his imagination and un-stoppable energy, he has thrived on the many challenges which have come his way. This can be seen in his prolific outstanding work firstly for ad agencies, publishers, and design shops.

He has also poured his energies into community projects like murals for the city council and building and designing elaborate floats and costumes for the Wellington Batucada, a community Samba band. He is also a member of the up-and-coming band The Beat Squad and all male dance revue The Leisure Steppers.

Never turning down a great project, Steve has also made stage sets, music videos and more recently animation. In 2007, children’s musicians Fat Cat and Fish Face commissioned Stephen and his sister Ruth Templer to make a kid’s music video called the The Wreck of the Diddley which featured in the 2007 International Film Festival. The film was very well received and it has since been shown in Melbourne and London. Ruth and Steve are working on other animation projects for Fat Cat and Fish Face. The Wreck of the Diddley has now also been produced as a printed children’s book.

Steve was also enlisted in Peter Jackson’s army, working in the film industry as a graphic designer and Illustrator on the feature film King Kong and more recently as a props designer for The Hobbit.

Stay tuned to the exciting world of Stephen Templer because you never know what amazing adventure will be embarked upon next.

Contact Steve on 021 131 7095 or email to

Steve’s website.

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